Do modafinil supplements really improve brain health?

First of all, one has to be cautious. 1 negative feature of self-medication with herbal supplements is the fact that a number of products are proven to counteract the effects of over-the-counter and prescription medications. By way of instance, in 2001, dr. in the national institute of health nigh showed a significant drug interaction between sties. John’s worth Hypercom perforate, an herbal product sold as a dietary supplement a protease inhibitor used in the treatment of hive infection. The herb has also caused negative interactions with cancer chemotherapeutic drugs and with birth control medication. Experts usually recommend a balanced diet that is getting healthy nutrients omega-3, antioxidants, etc. In the food you consume, as opposed to ingesting supplements. Few studies so far have shown that nutritional supplements are directly beneficial to brain health. More importantly the ideal dosage of these supplements is not known.

modafinil supplements

Rhea a steroid precursor to estrogen and testosterone purported to combat aging: the conclusion of a two year research at the mayo clinic in Minnesota and university of Padua in Italy revealed that rhea did not enhance strength, physical performance, or other measures of wellbeing. The study’s lead author, dr. Nair 2006 stated No beneficial effects on quality of life were detected. There is no evidence based on this study that rhea has an anti-aging impact. Modafinil balboa an over-the-counter memory-enhancing modafinil online supplement, modafinil provides no measurable benefit in memory or related cognitive function to adults with healthy cognitive function. Dr. Burns 2006 in the University Adelaide, Australia found longer-term memory improved in healthy fifty-five to seventy-nine year olds, but no additional cognitive step enhanced for younger participants.

A recent randomized trial, conducted in 5 academic health centers in the USA and including 2587 volunteers aged 75 years or older with normal cognition, revealed that gingko balboa at 120 mg twice per day was not successful in reducing the overall incidence rate of dementia. 3 omega-3 fatty acids parts of neurons’ membranes: Dr. Fontana’s work at the University of Sienna in Italy correlated omega-3 supplementation with enhanced attention and physiological functions, especially those involving complex cortical processing. As you can see, there is good reason not to put too much confidence on these supplements, and concentrate rather on a balanced nutrition to match other important lifestyle factors like physical and mental exercise.